"I need to say that I don’t think this is actually a discussion about bi women’s right to reclaim the word “dyke”. I think this is a discussion whose purpose is to mark a clear boundary between lesbians and bi women, in order to place lesbians as legitimate/queer and bi women as illegitimate/straight.

It imposes a differentiation that in many cases doesn’t exist in daily life, for the sole purpose of fortifying the lesbian identity against a symbolic “bisexual” invasion.

In many ways, this particular discussion is not “real” but simply an excuse. Take for example the fact that my critics don’t discuss bi men and “faggot”, and the lack of any discussion about lesbians with “passing privilege” reclaiming “dyke”. Do recall that in many cases, bi-identified and lesbian-identified women’s lived experiences are very close or even indistinguishable.

So why are bi women singled out? Biphobia."
- Shiri Eisner from Bidyke” and the appropriation of identities pub 6 October 2013. Additional credit to emiello for the timely reminder of it’s existance. (via bialogue-group)

My Massive Shithead Ex keeps messaging me on fb talking about how he didn’t understand how hurt me and why I’m still mad at him like






Whenever I feel like giving up I think about how Hermione managed to get A’s while she was fighting against the Dark Lord, saving her best friends, breaking 1982798437093812 rules and to top it all, putting up with Ron and Harry’s shit.  


A lesbian relationship isn’t always two hot girls fucking with lacy underwear.

Sometimes it’s two girls throwing socks at each other whilst getting into pyjamas until one girl hits the other in the boob and it’s game over.


my heart says museum but my wallet says re-tail






i bet dragons would probably think it’s really cool that we produce water in our mouths


That last image is too adorable to not reblog.

this is the cutest

This makes me so happy